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Don't hide anymore, it is your time to shine

You have spent time and money to build your perfect website. And still...
...your phone just doesn't seem to ring.

  • It is time to make your presence felt.
  • It is time to realize the full potential of your business.
  • It is time to crush your competitors and rise to the top.
Let's Talk

So, "how exactly do you 'optimize' my website?" you may ask...

Excellent question! Some companies like to keep what they do a mystery... use mysterious language... and charge you for this mysterious work they do. Not us. We, at WebVision, like to keep our customers informed and involved throughout the process. Here is what we do, in simple English

Initial Interview

Step 1 - Initial Interview

What is your online vision? What services do you provide? Who are your customers? Who are your competitors? Let's chat.


Step 2 - Keywords

Keywords are phrases your customers use to find you. We research commonly used keywords for your business and analyse how your competitors are doing.

Link Audit

Step 3 - Link Audit

We analyse all your current links and online presence. If you have links that Google doesn't like, we work on removing them from your history.

Google + Places

Step 4 - Google Places Listing

Sometimes your business is listed multiple times on Google Places and "Googie" doesn't like that. We clean up your listings, correct errors, and enhance them.

Citation Audit

Step 5 - Citation Audit

Citations are mentions of your website on directories like Yellow Pages. Similar to Google Places, we clean up errors and update your information.

Citation Building

Step 6 - Citation Building

Next, we identify new opportunities to get you listed and alanyze citations that your competitors are using. Based on that, we create new listings for your business.


Step 7 - Website

This is when we get creepy and take a close look at your website to make sure it is built to perfection. If not, WebVision can come to your rescue.


Step 8 - Reviews

Remember that perfect service you provide? We device a strategy to get your customers to positively review your business. We know they love you, everyone else should too.

Content Help

Step 9 - Content Help

You have the expertise in your field, we know how to show-off. Let's get together to help you create content for your audience.

Link Suggestions

Step 10 - Link Suggestions

We identify other websites in your industry and build close relationships with them. This increases your visibility, builds trust and enhances your brand.

Social Media

Step 11 - Social Media

Get to know each other. Find out what your customers like and what they are talking about. We can help you get connected to your community.

Ongoing Strategy

Step 12 - Ongoing Strategy

Our journey doesn't end here. We will send you weekly progress reports and set up monthly meetings to stategize our ongoing work to keep you at the top of search engine results.

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